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Paranormal Investigator and Author

A member of the International Psychics Association and a Paranormal Investigator, Rosemary has been a professional psychic medium for over thirty years and is the published author of four books, two books dealing with Dreams and their interpretation, Rosin Dubh: The Irish Dream Catcher and Veritas which is published under the pen name of Felicity Mc Cann as well as Shadows, a Numerology book that illustrates why some individuals may not achieve the potential suggested by their Ruling Number, and also The Rogue’s Way, which is a work of fiction.


Often a guest on local radio, in her capacity as an authority on dreams, Rosemary has also been frequently head-hunted by local Libraries to facilitate workshops in Tarot, Palmistry, Numerology and Dream Symbolism and to share her experiences as an Author.


Rosemary has been in demand as a Psychic Reader at the Mind Body Spirit Festivals in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney for more than twenty years, as well as at many local New Age establishments.


As a Psychic Development Teacher, Rosemary has mentored many budding psychics and has been instrumental in developing the self-confidence of many of today’s practising psychics, some of whom have appeared on Psychic T.V.


Known as ‘The Oracle’ by family members, because of her prophetic dreams and psychic ability, Rosemary is an Irish High-school teacher and an academic with a Master of Applied Science in Social Ecology.


What purpose do our dreams serve?

Rosemary gives tips about how you can analyse your dreams with her new book 'Rosin Dubh: The Irish Dream Catcher'.

2023 Best Psychic Author Award

Rosemary, acclaimed psychic and author, clinched The 2023 Best Psychic Author Award. The accolade was presented by the International Psychics Association.

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The Los Angeles E.C. Publishing Magazine

Rosemary was chosen to be the Face of the 2022 Edition, of The Los Angeles E.C. Publishing Magazine, based in Florida, USA.

St. George & Sutherland Shire Leader (2016)

Rosemary has been featured in a local newspaper as a local Author who has published an informative account of dream analysis, in her book Rosin Dubh: The Irish Dream Catcher.

Rosemary's Books


Rosemary is the published author of four books. Two books dealing with Dreams and their interpretation, Rosin Dubh: The Irish Dream Catcher and Veritas, a Numerology book Shadows and The Rogue’s Way, which is a work of fiction.

The books can be purchased online.


Rosin Dubh: The Irish Dream Catcher

by Rosemary Dawson can also be purchased from www.balboa.com.au and www.amazon.com.au.


by Rosemary Dawson can be purchased from www.barnesandnoble.com, www.booktopia.com.au, www.oceanreevepublishing.com and from the Author

The Rogue’s Way

by Rosemary Dawson can be purchased from www.barnesandnoble.com, www.amazon.com.au and www.booktopia.com.au.


under the pen name of Felicity Mc Cann, can be purchased from www.amazon.com.au also www.balboapress.com or directly from the Author


Types of Psychic Readings



Numerology is a belief in a divine or mystical relationship between numbers and events and reveals hidden knowledge about you and your relationships, as well as future events.

Pythagoras discovered that everything could be reduced to the harmony of numbers.

Numerology enables you to understand the dynamics in your family of origin and how this influences the dynamics of those you interact with socially, personally, professionally and why you are attracted to certain individuals and why you have difficulties with other personalities.

Numerology will enlighten you about the Spiritual lessons that you need to learn during this lifetime.




The ancient form of fortune telling is often associated with a tarot card Reading.

The origin of Tarot cards remains a mystery, despite speculation that Egypt or Romanian gypsies were its original instigators

The symbolism of different tarot cards resonate with the individual enquirer and the medium will attune to the vibration of each card and apply the knowledge gained to specific future events.

Tarot cards can give specific information about past, present and future advents, however, a reading is a guide to what an outcome is going to be, based on your present course of action.




Shakespeare wrote about dreams and the Bible is littered with prophetic dreams and every night we dream.

It is never, just a dream. Each dream carries its own personal message, whether it is insight into a situation from the day before, a nightmare warning us to take care, or a premonition of events to come.

The sub-conscious mind is constantly throwing up information for us to analyse.

Issues from the past that are affecting our present, talents that we are unaware of, health issues that we need to address, all come to us in our dreams.




Palmistry is the oldest form of character reading and has been recorded in Chinese history over two thousand years ago.

Traditionally, the left hand indicates potential for marriage, health, children, business opportunities, while the right hand will indicate whether you will achieve your goals in these areas of your life.

Shape and size of fingers and thumbs also indicate various aspects of your personality such as determination, good communication skills, ambition, drive and logic, all necessary for success in any endeavour you may undertake.

Timing of events is also clearly marked on the hands as well as our mental and emotional natures.

A palm is your personal blueprint for success.



Other Services

Corporate Functions: $175.00 per hour. Minimum 2 hours.

Private Events: Birthdays, Girl’s Night Out, Hen Parties, Kitchen Teas, also catered for.

Two Hour Workshops: $70.00 per person. Minimum of 4 people.

Tarot, Palmistry, Numerology, Dream Workshops for Healthier Relationships.

Weekly Meditation and Spiritual Development Classes available.

Workshops in Dream Interpretation, Understanding Tarot and, Numerology and Palmistry available.








Feedbacks at the Mind Body Spirit Festivals (Syd & Mel).

• Exactly what I needed to hear. I don't feel as lost in life.

• She told me exactly what I needed for me to start a new adventure in my life.

• Would've liked to have further information & more time. Thank you.

• She is a very intuitive, lovely person :-).

• Thank you so much for confirming my beautiful Mum is around me xxx!!

• Lovely lady who was able to ease my mind & help me going forward. Thank you :-).

• Amazing!!!!

• She is fantastic.

• Very consistent through the numbers, cards & palms. Very happy.

• Wonderful reading, very positive! Has given me sooo much to look forward to. Many thanks.

• She used different techniques & was thorough. Positive energy & very open to listening to questions. Confirmation received. Very happy x :-).

• Very direct (which I really liked), extremely clear/coherent & answered every question I had with time to spare. Even gave me tips about how to open up my intuition. Highly recommended!!!

• Very spiritual lady. Recommend.

• This was a great introduction to psychic readings. Very insightful. Although everything happened very quickly, it was helpful for Rosemary to write it down for me afterwards.

• Very good first experience.

• I found Rosemary very positive & a very good psychic & her knowledge of the tarot cards excellent. Thank you.

• She's giving positive vibe, encouraging reading, absolute accurate reading & has a very cute accent.

• Rosemary is very inspiring & can connect with your thoughts, feelings & future in sensitive manner in gaining understanding. She is highly talented.

• Very tuned in. Very explicit. Loved it!

• Excellent reader.